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Are you working hard to maintain good health while balancing a busy and demanding life?

If  this is true, then we are for you!


A private physician service with an integrative and holistic approach that is offering innovative, comprehensive and affordable care thru a monthly membership program.

Cost of membership is based upon age of individual and covers all Primary Care services. (See cost below)

  • 24/7 Access to your personal physician phone, text or video chat

  • Same-day / Next-day in-office appointments

  • Extended visits 30 mins to 1 hour in-office

  • ​Minimal or no wait times

  • ​We respect your time & your privacy

  • ​Busy schedule? Telehealth appointments available

  • ​Direct access to your MD when you are away on business or vacation

  • ​No copays, deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses

  • ​One low-cost monthly membership fee

  • ​Partner (10%) & family (15%) discounts

  • ​Home visits for elderly, disabled or end-of-life care

Elderly couple at atumn walk
Direct Primary Care (DPC) Services
Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Women's Health

$150 / mo (age > 64 yrs) - $200 / mo (ages 25 - 64)

We have developed a protocol specific to our female clients,

and are able to address individual needs.

We provide the most current advice on a range of women’s health issues.

Although our protocol is tailored to the needs of the individual,

our female clients can expect the following:

  • Annual Executive Physical

  • Screening Labs

  • Estrogen Therapy

  • Gynecological health & PAP smear examination

  • Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer
    & colon cancer risk evaluation

  • Work-life balance and stress counseling

  • Depression & anxiety screening

  • Counseling and testing related to heart disease, menopause,
    menstrual disorders, fertility, osteoporosis,
    adrenal fatigue, etc.

Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Price range : $ 60  - $ 200

Membership per month

  • NO Copays

  • ​NO Annual Deductible

  • ​NO Cost-sharing

  • ​10% Discount - Partner Plan

  • ​15% Discount - Family Plan

Health Insurance

Price range : $ 197 to $ 528
Premium per month

  • $ 20 Copay each visit!

  • $ 1,000 - $ 8,700 Deductible!

  • 20% of Coinsurance costs!

  • ​NO Partner Plan discounts!

  • NO Family Plan discounts!

Aloha Nui Difference

Aloha Nui Difference

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