Are you working hard to maintain good health while balancing a busy and demanding life?

If  this is true, then we are for you!

Meditation by the Sea

A private physician service with an integrative and holistic approach that is offering innovative, comprehensive and affordable care thru a monthly membership program.

Cost of membership is based upon age of individual and covers all Primary Care services. (See cost below)

women stretching

Women's Health

We have developed a protocol specific to our female clients,

and are able to address individual needs.

We provide the most current advice on a range of women’s health issues.

Although our protocol is tailored to the needs of the individual,

our female clients can expect the following:

  • Annual Executive Physical

  • Screening Labs

  • Estrogen Therapy

  • Gynecological health & PAP smear examination

  • Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer & colon cancer risk evaluation

  • Work-life balance and stress counseling

  • Depression & anxiety screening

  • Counseling and testing related to heart disease, menopause, menstrual disorders, fertility, osteoporosis, adrenal fatigue, etc.

Monthly membership fee

Ages:   6-17          $35

             18-24        $100

             25-64       $175

             65 & up   $125

  • Office Visits

  • Lab/Referral processing

  • Medication prescribing

  • Health & Wellness counseling

  • Annual Wellness Examination



-Eye Exam

-Pulmonary Function Test

-Depression Screening




No one likes to feel rushed and unimportant when it comes to your health.  We take the time to listen to you because your health is our priority.

Home Visits

Does your loved one have trouble getting around? 

In the comfort of their home , let us come to them!

Hormone Therapy

Come see us , share your story and we will find the perfect balance for you!

Mental Health Counseling

Get peace of mind with the physician you trust the most.

After hours access

For those times when you need your doctor the most.  Aloha Nui is available to you nights, weekends and holidays!

Time-saving Appointments

No time to take off from work? No problem, your doctor can contact you by phone, text or video chat  to take care of your immediate medical needs!

Cosmetic Skin Care

Beautify yourself at Aloha Nui! 

Check out our services and products page.